Lockdown: People are having trouble breathing in this city, seeing the disease increasing, a 5-day lock

North Korea: North Korea’s capital Pyongyang has ordered a five-day lockdown due to increasing cases of respiratory illness. Seoul-based NK News has given this information citing a government notice on Wednesday. The government notice did not mention COVID-19 but said that people will have to stay in their homes till the end of Sunday.

Seeing the decision of lock down, people have stocked the essential things. There is fear among people after the news of sudden lockdown. Apart from Pyongyang, there is no confirmation yet whether the lockdown has been imposed in areas other than Pyongyang. Let us tell that the effect of Corona was also seen in North Korea last year, but Kovid was brought under control here in time. However no clear figures were released. 

Even during the Corona period, North Korea had done the work of hiding its figures. This country has never confirmed how many people there have been infected with COVID-19. According to media reports, North Korea did not have the means of comprehensive testing, due to which the correct figures could not be revealed. Although the country reported the daily number of patients with fever, which was 4.77 million in a population of about 25 million. Then after July 29, information about such cases was also not given.

Following of epidemic rules is mandatory

On Tuesday, the state news agency said that compliance with anti-epidemic rules has been made mandatory. Along with this, necessary instructions have been given to the people. Hospitals have been given necessary guidelines to control the rising respiratory disease.

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