‘Killer who killed 10 people shot himself’, fired on crowd in California

California Shooting: 10 people were killed in a shooting at a Chinese New Year celebration in Monterey Park, California, USA. Taking action, the California Police immediately took charge. A shootout ensued between the attacker and the police, in which the attacker committed suicide by shooting himself in a van. Along with this, many people were injured in the mass firing that took place on this Sunday. Since this incident, the police is engaged in the rescue operation. 

As soon as the police reached near a van after the encounter with the attacker, they heard the sound of firing inside the van. When the police went near and saw, the attacker was found dead in the van. California police have identified the attacker as 72-year-old Hu Can Tran. 

California police hunting the gunman who killed 10 people at a dance club during Lunar New Year celebrations broke into a van after a lengthy standoff Sunday, where images showed a body slumped in the driver’s seathttps://t.co/oUQoFKoeFZ pic.twitter.com/vIzgnp7sZP

— AFP News Agency (@AFP) January 23, 2023

President Joe Biden has ordered American flags lowered in tribute to the victims of the California shooting.

Thousands of people gathered at the time of the firing
According to the news agency CNN, this incident happened when people were celebrating the traditional Chinese New Year (Lunar New Year) in Monterey Park. The area where this firing took place is just 7 kilometers away from the Los Angeles City Headquarters. Thousands of people had gathered at the place where this firing took place, although till now there is no concrete information about how many people were injured. 

The reason for the firing is not clear  
After the incident of this firing, the police told in the press conference that the reason behind the firing is yet to be known. Eyewitnesses to the incident told that the shooter entered the dance club, took out a gun and started firing, after which there was chaos and he took advantage of it and fled. 

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