Karthik Aryan broke silence on ‘Dostana 2’ controversy with Karan Johar, said- I will speak…

Kartik Aaryan On Karan Joahr: Kartik Aaryan is in headlines these days for his upcoming film Shehzada. In this, he will be seen sharing the screen with Kriti Sanon. Recently the trailer of the film was released, which was also praised by Karan Johar. It is known that some time back there were reports that Karan Johar has thrown Karthik Aryan out of his film Dostana 2. Now Karthik Aryan has given a reaction on this. 

In the dispute between the elders and the younger, the younger should remain silent

During an interview with a private news channel, Karthik Aryan said, ‘This sometimes happens. I haven’t even talked about it till date. I believe in what my mother has taught me. It is also our culture that when there is a dispute between the elders and the younger ones, the younger ones do not say anything. I follow the same. I never speak about it and even today I don’t want to speak anything’.

What’s wrong with the fees? 

After this, Karthik Aryan was asked that Karan Johar had said that he used to get 1.25 lakh rupees for a film. He had asked me for Rs 20 crore and when he did not give it, he left the film. Was this the reason? In response to this, Karthik Aryan said, ‘He said so? See, the Chinese are whisperers. Many times such stories keep coming out. They are never anyone’s quotes. Something comes out after doing the source story. By putting question mark, they make a story, on which people believe. It never happened that I left the film for money. I am very greedy, but greedy for scripts, not for money’. 

The script made the reason for leaving the film?

Karthik Aryan was asked if the script had changed because of which you left the film? In response to this, the actor said, ‘No it is not like that. Pandemic had come due to which there was a break of one and a half years. There were to be some changes in the script, which were not happening. There is no such reason. These things were there from the beginning. However, during the conversation, Karthik Aryan was seen avoiding saying anything about Karan Johar. Please tell that Rohit Dhawan has directed Karthik Aryan’s ‘Shahzada’. The movie will hit the theaters on February 10,  2023.

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