Jharkhand Special Chilka Roti… Have you ever tasted it?

Chilka Roti Recipe: If you also want to have a tasty and healthy breakfast away from oil spices, then you should try the traditional and popular food dish of Jharkhand, which is named Chilka Roti. He should eat. It is delicious as well as full of nutrition. It does not require much oil or spices, nor does it require much effort. You can eat it in lunch or dinner as well. The way idli is beneficial for your health, in the same way this chilka roti is also beneficial. It is prepared by mixing lentils and rice. By eating which you will get health and will also enjoy. Comedian and writer Varun Grover has shared its recipe on his Instagram account. It is very easy to make, let’s know the recipe to make Chilka Roti. 


  • One and a half cups of rice
  • < li>urad dal ½ cup

  • chana dal 3/4 cup
  • oil as required
  •  salt as per taste

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How to make Chilka Roti

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