Indore has a 100 year old unique temple decorated with Belgian glass and silver, people come from far and wide to see it

Madhya Pradesh News: The scenario of unity in diversity can be seen in the cleanest city of the country, Indore. Where holy religious places of all religions are famous for their fame across the country, out of which one Jain temple holds a separate place due to its artwork. Its fame is visible not only in Indore but in the entire state. This temple is Jain glass temple of Indore which is also known as Sheesh Mahal.

The temple is made of glass from Belgium
Actually, whenever we talk about the religious places of Indore, there is a Kanch Mandir in the middle of the textile market, just a short distance from Rajwada, the heart of Indore. It is also talked about because this temple is such a temple which was made from Belgian glass by the artisans of Iran and Jaipur. Which looks like a simple temple when seen from outside, but as soon as you enter inside, you will see the Sheesh Mahal located in Amber Fort of Rajasthan.

About 50 scenes related to Jain society will be seen in this temple, in which the scenes of transformation of the society and the pictures of torturers have been described. Everything in this temple like walls, doors, ceiling, pillars and floor is decorated with mirrors. The doors have been plated with silver. The main idol installed in the temple is of Shantinath Bhagwan, on both sides of the idols are Shri Chandrapabha Bhagwan and Adinath Bhagwan.

Established in 1903

It is said that this temple was established in 1903 by Seth Hukumchand, a big cloth merchant of the city. Special artisans were called from Jaipur and Iran to build this temple whose stained glass and mirror panels depict various aspects of Jainism with lavishly intricate details. Jain festivals are celebrated in this temple with great zeal and enthusiasm. 

People come from far and wide to see the temple

To see this temple, people come from the state and the country including Indore. To see which can be seen from 05 am to 12 noon and then from 04 pm to 08 pm. The best time to visit this temple is after sunset, when the sun rays fall on the glass, then the beauty of the temple is maximum. It is almost impossible to forget this scene. These temples are not only symbols of spirituality but are also known for their architecture, architecture, texture and beauty. Each temple is a symbol of purity and peace. 

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