India said on the attack on Hindu temples in Australia – Government should stop Khalistani activities

Attacks On Hindu Temples in Australia: Many incidents of attacks on Hindu temples have come to light in Australia in the past. Criticizing these incidents, the Indian High Commission in Canberra, Australia has appealed to the government to ensure the safety of Indian citizens.

Know what the statement said…

The High Commission said in its statement, we have received some such indications according to which Khalistani supporters are increasing their activities in Australia. Ban terrorist organizations in India like Sikh for Justice and many other external agencies are helping them. The High Commission said, there has been a spurt in these activities in recent times, about which we have shared our concern with the Government of Australia.  The High Commission told that we have demanded the government to ensure the safety of the Indian community living in Australia. Along with this, an appeal has also been made to the government to stop such activities. 

Khalistan Zindabad, Hindustan….

Actually, three Hindu temples have been targeted in Australia in the past. Khalistani supporters vandalized the Hindu temple at the ISKCON temple located in Albert Park, Melbourne and wrote Khalistan Zindabad and Hindustan Murdabad on the walls. On this wall, he called Bhindranwala a martyr. While giving a statement on these attacks, Australian High Commissioner in India, Berry O’Farrell said that such hate speech or violence cannot be tolerated. The government is thoroughly investigating the matter. 

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