India and Pakistan, which country’s army will be heavy on whom, see here the comparison of military strength

India and Pakistan Military Comparison: There have been differences between India and Pakistan regarding the border for a long time. Pakistan has often been doing provocations but India has always given a befitting reply to it. India’s military power is much higher than that of Pakistan. Pakistan does not stand anywhere in front of the power of man power to air force and navy. Today, India has not only become a major military force in the world, but it is also becoming self-sufficient in the field of defence.

Today the whole world is accepting the iron of India’s threat to move towards self-reliance in many other fields including defence. In the field of defence, India’s borders have been made impregnable by strengthening them from earth to sky and to the depths of the ocean.

Pakistan does not stand anywhere in front of India

On comparing military strength, it is known that Pakistan does not stand anywhere in front of India. India today is a huge country with a population of more than 1.38 billion. At the same time, the population of Pakistan is around 24 crore 29 lakhs, which is facing the brunt of the poor economy of the country. From air force, navy, tanks, fighter jets to modern weapons, Pakistan is far behind. Let us compare the military strength of both the countries in 2023 and try to understand who will prevail over whom.

India-Pakistan military strength comparison

              India           Pakistan
Defence Budget      $54.2 billion         $7.5 billion 
Active Force    14 lakh 50 thousand       6 lakh 54 thousand
Reserve Force    11 lakh 55 thousand         5 lakh 50 thousand
paramilitary forces     25 lakh 27 thousand        5 lakhs
Total Aircraft           2210         1413
fighter aircraft            577         363
Trainers             353         550
Special Mission            73           25
air tanker            6         4
helicopter          807         322
attack helicopter         36         58
tank        4,614          3,742
Military Vehicle       1 lakh 882     77 thousand 771
Fleet Strength         295      114
aircraft carrier        2      0
Submarine       18      9


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