Illusion or Truth! Can drinking beer remove kidney stones?

Kidney Stone: Are you also among those people who feel that drinking beer removes kidney stones. If yes, then remove this misconception today, because nothing like this happens, it is just an illusion. Let us tell you in detail how much truth is there in this claim.

According to a report by the American Addiction Center, there is no evidence that drinking alcohol can cause kidney stones. Yes, but if you are drinking alcohol repeatedly in the process of removing kidney stones, then it can cause serious problems like kidney damage, kidney failure, blood pressure, cancer, weak immunity system. People feel that drinking beer will cause frequent urination, then it will be easier for the stone to come out of the body. It is clearly stated in the report of ACC that whether it is alcohol or beer, nothing helps in taking out kidney stones. For this either you have to undergo surgery or your doctor prescribes medicine according to the stone, recently WHO has considered even a single drop of alcohol as dangerous.

What do the doctors of Max Hospital say

Some things related to alcohol and kidney have been told on the official website of Max Hospital. It has been said that beer works to increase urination. In this way it is possible to take out small stones but it does not take out stones bigger than 5 mm, because the growth path is about 3 mm. It has also been reported that if you drink beer when you are in pain or unable to urinate, it can make your condition worse. Beer produces more urine that you cannot pass out, thus It becomes very painful. Excessive consumption can also lead to dehydration.
Why do kidney stones occur?

As we all know, the work of the kidney is to clean the blood from it. Toxins and non-essential nutrients have to be removed through urine, but when the amount of toxic elements in the blood increases, the kidney is unable to filter it properly and it starts accumulating as solid. Kidney stones are made of acid salts. Its initial symptom is a sudden pain in the lower abdomen on one side or in the back. Pain or burning sensation while urinating due to stone formation, if you are feeling these symptoms then you should consult your expert.

Disclaimer: The method mentioned in this article Take the methods and claims as suggestions only, ABP News does not confirm them. Before implementing any such treatment/medicine/diet and suggestion, please consult a doctor or related expert.

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