How much of an impact do health and wellness programs have on employee retention and recruitment?

What does a company want from its employee… and what does an employee want from its company? Although there can be many answers to this question, but when it has to be answered on the basis of a survey, it will be something like this. This survey was published in Forbes, in which it was told what things keep the employee and the company connected to each other.

  • 87 percent of employees choose a company or an organization based on whether it offers a health or wellness program.
  • 67 percent of employees are happy with their jobs because their company offers health and wellness programs for them. Thinks about his family and his health.
  • 58 percent of employees prefer a company that considers wellness programs to be a priority when looking for a new job.
  • 45 percent of employees said yes, health and wellness programs are a major reason for them staying with the same company for a long time.

The survey partially answers the question asked in the first line whether health and wellness programs really do have a big impact on employee retention and recruitment.

Which is the most effective wellness program?
It is the job of HR in any company to choose such wellness programs for its employees, which will be of maximum benefit. That’s why the name of health management and stress management comes at the top of the list. At the time of Corona, when people were facing problems, many companies made arrangements like hospital, medicines, ambulance, oxygen for their employees. Helped his employees over a phone call and all this comes under the purview of the wellness program. After this, when the vaccination started, they reached each and every employee and got them vaccinated.

At present, you can read the list of most of the companies which run wellness programs for their employees.

  1. Health Management
  2. stress management
  3. time management
  4. mental health therapy
  5. Healthy Food/Nice Clean Cafeteria
  6. Fitness Programs/Gym
  7. Clean Workplace
  8. Safety sign and machine
  9. Rewards and Incentives
  10. Workplace flexibility and remote work options
  11. Educational Courses/ Learning Activities

Wellness program helps in increasing employee retention
It is certain that once the employee joins the company and starts working happily, then it is beneficial for the company and the employee himself. . Hence wellness programs help in increasing employee retention.

Being in the job gives happiness. Means there is job satisfaction.

  1. Employees enjoy their work
  2. The bond with the company grows stronger
  3. Wellness programs have a positive impact on health
  4. Feels less or no stress and anxiety
  5. improves social life
  6. maintains financial stability

Cooperation happens from both the sides
There is cooperation from both sides in the relationship between the company and the employee, the responsibility of strengthening which lies on the shoulders of HR. All the health and wellness programs run by the company, how it reaches the employees and maximum employees feel connected with the company, it depends on the bond between the two.  ABP Network as a company believes that the health and wellness of the employees is very important for the growth of any company. For more information click on this link.

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