How effective is the booster dose of Covishield? This was revealed in Lancet’s research

Covaxin Booster Shot: The famous Lancet magazine has done research on the booster dose of Covishield, according to which Covishield creates the best immune system in the body. According to a new study published in the journal Lancet Regional Health South-East Asia, a booster dose of Covishield is giving the best immune response. In this, whether the first dose is of Covishield or Covaxin is taken.

Corona virus keeps on mutating continuously. Over time, the antibodies made against the virus also start to wane. This is the reason why WHO had advised to get booster dose after corona vaccination. According to this study, giving Covishield as a booster dose produces good antibodies in the body. It produces a strong immune response against the virus.


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