Hong Kong: Butcher was catching pig in Hong Kong, then he jumped in such a way that he died…

Slaughterhouse: A butcher was trying to kill a pig at a slaughterhouse in Hong Kong, when he died due to injury from a meat cutting tool. Hong Kong officials gave this information on Friday. Local media quoted the police as saying that the incident took place at Sheung Shui slaughterhouse at around 1 pm. The 61-year-old butcher subdued the pig with an electric stun gun, but then the pig regained consciousness and threw the butcher to the ground.

Injury caused by 15-inch meat slicing tool 

According to CNN’s report, the butcher was hurt by a 15-inch meat-cutting tool. A colleague of the butcher told that when he went inside, he found the butcher unconscious. He had a meat-cutting tool in one hand and his left leg had deep lacerations. The wounds were so deep that he was bleeding profusely. The 61-year-old butcher was admitted to a nearby hospital, but died during treatment. 

The city’s Department of Labor is investigating

Hong Kong police said that the cause of Butcher’s death has not yet been determined. The city’s labor department is probing the matter. CNN quoted the agency as saying, "The Labor Department is saddened by the death of the butcher and has expressed deep condolences to his family."

We will take action as per law- Dept

The Labor Department said in a statement, "We will complete an investigation as soon as possible to identify the cause of the accident, fix responsibility on duty holders and recommend remedial measures. If there is any violation of work safety law, we will take action as per law."

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