Here notes or coins are not currency! Goods are bought and sold with stones, knowing that

Yap Island: There was a time when there was no currency and during that time barter system used to run. Barter system means if a person wanted something, then he had to give something in exchange for the goods. At the same time, with time, first gems… then coins… and slowly… currency began to circulate. However, even today there is a part of the world where transactions are not done using notes but through stones. 

The place that is being talked about here is Yap Island surrounded by the Pacific Ocean. This island is about 100 square kilometers, in which about 12 thousand people live. These people do not use notes for transactions but buy and sell goods in exchange of stones. Here the person who has the heaviest stone is considered as rich. The special thing is that there is a hole in the middle of these stones, using which a person can move the stone from here to there.

The name of the owner is written on the stones

Here people use stones even if they have to make a big transaction or a big deal. On the other hand, some stones are so heavy that they cannot be carried from one place to another, due to which these people leave that stone there. However, they write the name of the owner on this stone so that it can be identified. Here a person told that his family has five stones of a good size and heavy. 

Why and how it started…

The process of transaction through stones has been here for centuries, although no one has the exact knowledge of how and when it started. 

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