Happy Ganesh Jayanti 2023 Wishes: Send Ganesh Jayanti greetings to loved ones on Bappa’s birthday

Happy Ganesh Jayanti 2023 Wishes: Ganesh Jayanti is celebrated every year on the Chaturthi of Shukla Paksha of Magh month. It is said that Gajanan, the son of Shiva-Parvati, came into the world on this date. The birth anniversary of Ganapati, the giver of wisdom, accomplishment and wisdom, will be celebrated this time on Wednesday, January 25, 2023.

On the day of Ganesh Jayanti, the one who worships Bappa by fasting, all the obstacles and troubles are destroyed. It is said that one who simply remembers Ganapati on this day with full devotion gets all materialistic pleasures in life.

This fast is considered very important for the wish of getting a child. For the long life of the child and the bright future of the child, Gauri’s son Gajanan must be offered laddoos made of sesame on this day. On the auspicious occasion of Ganesh Jayanti, you can wish your loved ones by sending devotional messages of Bappa.

Bhakti Ganapati, Shakti Ganapati, Siddi Ganapati

Lakshmi Ganapati, Maha Ganapati, my Ganapati, the best among gods

Happy Ganesh Jayanti 2023

The house where the name of Shri Ganesh echoes

What is the use of sorrow in that house

Happy Ganesh Jayanti 2023

Gajannala Triwar Vandan, Swagat Bappa

First invitation to you Gajanan, son of Gauri Ganesh

Come with Riddhi Siddhi, defeat all the troubles

Happy Ganesh Jayanti 2023

Grace of Lord Shri Ganesha

May you remain strong

Success in every work

No sorrow should come in life

Happy Ganesh Jayanti 2023

worship you first in all auspicious work

You don’t work without me, listen to my request

Roll around the building with Riddhi-Siddhi

Do such grace that I worship you everyday

Happy Ganesh Jayanti 2023

May you get happiness, get wealth,

May you find immense happiness,

May your life be successful,

When Ganesh ji comes to your door

Happy Ganesh Jayanti 2023

O son of Gauri

You are the king of Devlok

Ganesha listen to my call

Lord please cross my boat

Happy Ganesh Jayanti 2023

who worships him

Ganpati removes all obstacles

Whenever Ganesh Jayanti comes

Let’s celebrate Ganpati together

Happy Ganesh Jayanti 2023

to destroy our pride

Give us your knowledge

Work in such a way that the respect of parents increases

Be happy and live a life of respect

Happy Ganesh Jayanti 2023

Ganesh Jayanti 2023: Ganesh Jayanti fast is incomplete without this story, know the method of worshiping Bappa

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