Girls performed Bhangra on Punjabi songs in marriage, guests were left watching, people said – wow heart won

The real fun comes with singing and dancing in weddings. At the same time, some relatives also come to weddings in such a way that they add color. The video of one such lady who adds color to a friend’s wedding is going viral on social media. Even in saree, this madam does such a tremendous dance that the eyes of the onlookers get dazzled. In the video shared on Instagram, it can be seen that the dance competition of two girls is going on in the wedding ceremony.

high energy dance

The girl is seen dancing tremendously in a green sharara suit. But then the madam with pink saree enters. By pressing the sari in the waist, this madam performs such a tremendous bhangra that the onlookers just keep watching. People are seen shouting at every step of this woman. Even in saree, she does amazing steps while jumping with full-on energy.

Users said – Madam is amazing

This video is being liked a lot on social media and people are showering likes fiercely. More than 2 lakh 59 thousand likes have come on the video. By commenting, people are praising the saree-clad madam’s dance. One user wrote, he took the entry and just won the heart, what a wonderful dance. At the same time, another user wrote, such a good dance in saree, won the heart. While another user wrote, Bhangra and that too in saree, wow.

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