‘From where do I put another person in the collegium system?’ Said Law Minister Kiren Rijiju

Law Minister Kiren Rijiju statements: The central government, which came under attack from the opposition parties on the issue of reforming the Supreme Court collegium, is crying out for the strength of democracy. Union Law Minister Kiren Rijiju has said that an independent judiciary is essential for democracy to move ahead firmly in the country.

Let us tell you that earlier Rijiju was on the target of the opposition due to a letter allegedly sent to the CJI of the Supreme Court.

The Law Minister gave this reply to the letter written to the CJI

Rijiju spoke to the media in Delhi on the subject of the letter written to the CJI. Rijiju said on Monday (January 23), “I had written a letter to the CJI, about which no one knew. Don’t know who came to know from where and made the news that the law minister wrote a letter to the CJI that there should be a representative of the government in the collegium. There is no head and feet in this matter. Where do I put another person into that system?’

‘Independence of Judiciary is necessary’

Talking about keeping the judiciary independent, Law Minister Kiren Rijiju said in a program on Monday, “Democracy in India is not only alive but it needs to have a strong and independent judiciary for it to move forward strongly.” Democracy will not be successful if we weaken the independence of the judiciary or reduce its rights, respect and dignity.

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