Fenshui Tips: If you do not sleep well, then definitely follow these tips in the bedroom

Fenshui Tips Good Sleep For Good Day: Everyone loves sleep and that too night sleep, sleep is as important in our life as food. If we do not sleep well then our next The day will not go well either. We will not be able to do any work properly, nor will our mind work. Sleep is also important for our health. Unless we do not get enough sleep, it will affect our health as well.

Better Sleep is very important for ourti. Everything around should be good and fine. For good sleep, it is necessary that your bedroom should be clean. You will be able to get good and deep sleep only on a comfortable bed. Feng Shui has also given some measures for better sleep.< /p>

Fengshui Tips for Good Sleep

  • For good sleep first of all keep the room where you are sleeping clean and tidy.
  • Don’t keep any electronics in the bedroom.
  • For good sleep, you should have a big king size room, in which it is mandatory to have a king bed. Sleep is good on the big bed and there is no problem in sleeping.
  • For good sleep, the color of your bedroom should be light. According to Feng Shui, the color of the room should be soothing to the eyes. Paint the room keeping green, pink, and pastel shades in mind.
  • For a good and comfortable sleep, all the windows and doors of the room should be closed and slept. None of the cupboards and drawers in your room should be open, according to Feng Shui, you should sleep with the doors of the room properly closed to give rest to your mind, brain and your senses.
  • Keep a Laughing Buddha in your bedroom, it will bring positive energy to the room, which will lighten your mind and lead to good sleep.
  • bedroom bedsheets should also be light. Red and pink are considered good.
  • Lights should be good in the bedroom. Do not keep bright light. Use soft lighting in the bedroom for better sleep.

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