Fans set an example at Holkar Stadium, maintained zero waste during the match, did not spread garbage

IND vs NZ 3rd ODI: The last match of the ODI series was played between India and New Zealand at the Holkar Stadium in Indore. In this match, Team India defeated New Zealand by 90 runs. On the other hand, the people of Indore set a great example during the match. In fact, during the India-New Zealand match, the fans maintained zero waste in the stadium, that is, the garbage was not spread in the stadium. During this, the cleaning staff of the Municipal Corporation was also present in and around the stadium during the match. The special thing in this match was that no poster was seen in the hands of the fans.

Indore fans set an example

During the cricket match, most of the garbage in the stadium is caused by waving posters of sixes and fours, but the fans of Indore presented a different example. Apart from this, mixed fabric has also been used in the flexes installed for branding at Holkar Stadium. At the same time, people associated with Holkar Stadium tell that flax is also used after the match, bags are made from it. The tradition of turning on mobile torches by a large number of spectators simultaneously during a cricket match at this ground also started 10 years ago.

When New Zealand batsmen were also surprised…

The tradition of turning on the mobile torch by the fans during the match at Holkar Stadium was also maintained on Tuesday. In fact, when Henry Nicholls hit a brilliant six in the sixth over during New Zealand’s innings, the spectators simultaneously turned on mobile torches in the stadium. What was it then… The whole Holkar Stadium started shining with lights. After this, the New Zealand batsmen were also surprised by the love they received from the cricket lovers of Indore. Let us inform that during the Holkar cricket match of Indore, the tradition of turning on mobile torches by a large number of spectators at the same time has been going on for almost 10 years. At the same time, the fans continued this tradition even during the India-New Zealand match.

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