Eyesight goes away and then these things start appearing, 10 lakh people are suffering from this problem

Charles Bonnet Syndrome:A shocking new research has claimed that one million people are seeing things that are not there. According to Britain’s National Health Service NHS There is Charles Bonnet syndrome which is linked to eye conditions such as cataracts. More than one million people in the United Kingdom suffer from a medical condition called Charles Bonnet syndrome (CBS). According to new research from the charity Esme’s Umbrella, One in five people in the UK – at least one million people – are currently living with the condition.

What is Charles Bonnet syndrome, what causes it?


According to the UK’s National Health Service (NHS), Charles Bonnet syndrome is a medical condition where you see things that are not real. These are hallucinations and can occur when you have lost your sight. Hallucinations can be shapes or line-like patterns or can be objects, places, animals and people. It can be black and white or colored and can be seen suddenly. According to the NHS, hallucinations can last for a few minutes or up to several hours. However, you can only see but not hear, smell or feel anything. This usually happens when vision loss is 60 percent or more.Charles Bonnet syndrome can affect you at any age, but it is most commonly found in the elderly population as the risk of vision loss increases with age.

What is it? Prevention and treatment

It stops the regular messages from the eye to the brain, causing people to see things that are not real. The charity also claimed According to a survey of 1,000 health professionals, about 37 percent of professionals were not aware of Charles Bonnet syndrome. The health agency clarified that the CBS patient only sees hallucinations. People suffering from this problem have been advised by the NHS to take proper rest and sleep at night. For eye care, it is recommended to use bulbs to magnify objects when needed. The NHS said there is currently no cure for Charles Bonnet syndrome, but the hallucinations usually subside over time. Doctors can suggest therapy to reduce the problem of hallucinations.

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