Egypt: 2300 year old mummy found with gold tongue and heart, know the whole story

Egypt Ancient Mummies: The latest example of how people used to wear gold in the past has been seen in Egypt. In fact, in a search here, archaeologists have found that a solid gold tongue has been found in the mouth of the ancient mummy. Along with this, 49 amulets of 21 different designs have been found in the tomb. In which a gold mask, and a gold heart is found in the chest. After seeing which everyone is surprised. 

According to the information, this time the coffin of a 2300 year old boy has been opened. The age of the boy found in the coffin would have been around 14 to 15 years. In the sarcophagus, archaeologists found a gilded head mask and chest armor inlaid with stones. During the search, no organs other than fake heart and brain were found in the body.  

According to the expert, the tongues of gold are the identity of the preparations related to the funeral in the Greco-Roman period. Apart from these, gold eyes were also buried with the deceased. Then in Egypt it was believed that on being buried in this way, the dead turn into divine beings. Judging by the mummy, it is inferred that almost all of the items were given to the deceased boy for his journey to the afterlife.

اللعبة القطعية تكسفف العربية المومياء الصبي الذهابي بدروم المصفري المتحفر بالتحرير!

— Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities (@TourismandAntiq) January 24, 2023

Scientists doing research 

How was the health of the people of ancient times, how was their last rites performed and what beliefs did they follow. Scientists work continuously to find out this. In this episode, coffins are opened and research is done on them. Meanwhile, many mummies create strange secrets. Changes have been seen in technology with time. Nowadays CT scan is being used for accurate information. 

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