Dr. Hariom, who dreamed of becoming a singer, became IAS, during this the decision was taken

IAS Success Story: It is the dream of every third youth to appear in the country’s biggest examination Civil Services Examination (UPSC), it is obvious that this is one of the most prestigious examinations of the country. But to get success in this  worked hard requires. Some candidates win in the first attempt, while some candidates get success after several attempts. But there is an IAS Dr. Hariom whose potential was recognized by his teacher and his father whereas he only wanted to be a good student. He also wanted to become a singer, so he is maintaining his hobby along with his profession till date. Come  know about IAS Dr. Hariom.

It was a dream to become a singer 
IAS officer Dr. Hariom is a 1997 batch IAS. From the beginning, he had dreamed of becoming a singer. But he made this dream a hobby. He still sings today. His singing videos can be seen on social media. Some time ago he made a video which also went viral. The video is from Kashmir in which Hariom is singing a song with his friends near Dal Lake. Since childhood, he has been fond of ghazals, songs and bhajans and kirtan. He grew up listening to this, so it can be said that music was in his veins.

Inspired for Civil Services Examination in Allahabad University
Born in Katari, a small village in Amethi district of Uttar Pradesh, Dr. Hariom graduated from Allahabad after primary studies, which is today’s Prayagraj. Is. When Hariom went to Allahabad University for his studies, he found a different environment there. Most of his classmates in Allahabad University used to talk about becoming IAS and PCS. This inspired them. The atmosphere influenced him and he decided to prepare for the Civil Services Examination. 

Cleared UPSC exam after coming to JNU
After completing graduation from Allahabad University  Hariom came to JNU in 1992 to study. According to him, the students found him more serious about this big exam in JNU. The students here used to talk more about the IAS exam. Delhi is a big city so he got all the guidance needed for the exam here. Dr. Hariom also took advantage of this. He decided to take the Civil Services Examination. Not only did he decide but he cleared UPSC and got selected for IAS in 1997.

Father and teachers recognized potential 
Dr. Hariom told during an interview that his father used to motivate him to go and prepare for IAS and PCS.  His teachers also said that he is a promising student and has the ability to crack the civil services examinations. He told that on the other hand he always tried to be only a good student. His teachers and his father recognized his potential early on.

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