Doomsday Clock: The world is closer to destruction, scientists predict future on ‘Doomsday Clock’

Doomsday Clock: The whole world is standing on the brink of destruction. We are not saying this but scientists are saying this. In fact, for the first time in three years, top nuclear scientists have reduced the time in the Doomsday Clock by 10 seconds. Doomsday Clock time has been reduced considering the current world situation. 

According to nuclear scientists, this world is now just 90 seconds away from destruction. Significantly, the time of the Doomsday Clock was changed two years back as well. This clock tells about the destruction of the world. That’s why it is called the doomsday clock, let us tell you that when the hand of the clock was changed two years ago, it was just 100 seconds away from the time of apocalypse i.e. midnight (12 o’clock in the night). But this time he is only 90 seconds away from disaster. 

Scientists claim that the less time is left for this clock to be midnight, the closer the danger of nuclear war will be in the world. Looking at the dangers, top nuclear scientists around the world have been telling since 1947 that how far the world is from a catastrophe. 

The clock is just 90 seconds away from the end of the world 

The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists’ (BAS) announced the Doomsday Clock, saying that Russia’s ongoing invasion of Ukraine, the Kovid pandemic, the climate crisis and biological threats remain the biggest threats. According to scientists, when Russia tested the first nuclear bomb RDS-1 in the year 1949 and the rapid nuclear arms race started in the world, at that time the clock was 180 seconds away from midnight. He said that after four years in the year 1953, its time came down to 120 seconds. Now its time has come down to 90 seconds. 

Why scientists are telling dangerous situation 

BAS President and CEO Rachel Bronson said about Doomsday Clock that the present time is very dangerous, this situation is really serious. He said that the US, NATO and Ukraine should resolve this issue to the best of their ability to help turn back the clock. The threat level for Doomsday Clock is measured on several scales. In which global movements are measured such as war, weapons, climate change, destructive technology, propaganda videos and attempts to deploy weapons in space. 

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