Do you know these shortcomings of smart speaker? The speaker is listening and recording everything… how to rescue

Smart Speaker: Smart devices make our life easier. With these you can do a lot in just one click. From phones to television sets and watches, almost every electronic smart device these days serves to make multiple tasks easier. Smart speakers are also included in these smart devices. Many people use smart speakers in their homes. You can control these smart speakers remotely with your voice. You can perform actions such as playing a song, increasing or decreasing the volume, and stopping music without touching them. You just have to tell the smart speaker to do what you want. They do the job of answering or rejecting your phone calls very well. 

Your speaker is listening..
However, these features are not above your safety. We say this because, the cyber security experts at Kyonia VPNOverview have investigated the privacy risks and privacy protections associated with smart speakers. Investigation found that these speakers are always on, as smart speakers have to wait for audio commands to start their operation. As soon as you command it, it catches immediately. Now in such a situation, it may also happen that the smart speaker misinterprets some words or phrases and does some work only. It may be that he sends strange messages/calls to someone, or does things like buying unwanted items, doing unnecessary things.

Experts suggestion
To avoid such things, cyber security experts have suggested keeping the mic on mute. Please tell that you can manually turn off the mic of your speaker. Users also have the option to change the ‘wake word’ of the speaker, which is used to wake the speaker into action. For example,  Ok Google, Hey Siri, Alexa etc. If you change the wake word to something unusual, the speaker will be less likely to misinterpret your words.

Recording your talk
Did you know that once you put a sound on your smart speaker it is ready to record everything, and the recorded data in its database. This is done to improve the performance of the device. To make sure you go to the smart speaker’s in-app settings, you can change how your data is used.

Shopping with smart speakers
Alexa has also made life a lot easier for some people. It can be used to buy groceries, household items and more. However, in this way anyone can make purchases using your smart speaker. To prevent this from happening, enable two-factor authorization or two-step verification on your device. 

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