Do you also sleep with the light on at night? This habit can become the cause of many diseases.

Sleeping Habit:Do you also have the habit of sleeping with the light on at night? If yes then this news is for you because doing so can put you at great risk. You may have many problems related to health. It has been found in the study that this can cause many types of damage to the body. Doctors of Finberg School of Medicine conducted research  found that even one night of normal light sleep can lead to disturbances in glucose and cardiovascular regulation, which can be risk factors for heart disease, diabetes and other metabolic syndrome.

Heart Risk of Disease- Studies have found that artificial light activates the sympathetic arm and the immune nervous system, both of which are responsible for fighting external aggression in the body. It cools the body, so that at night I used to sleep peacefully, but when these things get activated then sleep gets affected. This affects the cardiovascular function. According to the study, the result of all this is that the risk of chronic diseases in the body increases. Due to the effect of light, the scardian rhythm deteriorates and the master clock of the body deteriorates. This increases the risk of blood pressure.

Obesity-A research done on women has found that the risk of obesity in people who sleep with TV or lights on is lower than those who do not. It was higher than those who slept with the lights off. Insulin resistance is said to be the condition when the muscles, stomach and liver do not respond properly to insulin and the use of blood glucose to give energy to the body is reduced, or does not happen at all. To deal with this situation, the pancreas has to make more insulin. Due to this, the blood sugar level can increase over time.

Depression- According to the study, sleeping at night with the lights on can increase the risk of depression. Light has the worst effect on your mood Night is related to lack of sleep which can cause mood swings and irritability.

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