Do this small work 30 minutes before eating, diabetes will end from the root

Diabetes Control Tips: Due to increased sugar level in the blood, there is a problem of diabetes. When insulin is less produced in the pancreas or insulin does not work, then the absorption of glucose does not happen and this is the condition of diabetes. There are some people too, in whom the level of blood sugar increases on an empty stomach. While in some people blood sugar increases after eating. Both the conditions are bad. In such a situation, if we do a small work before eating, then we can get rid of the problem of diabetes. Let’s know..
Do this work 30 minutes before eating
According to health experts, if almonds are consumed 30 minutes before meals, it keeps blood sugar level under control. This can bring down the blood sugar level and also get rid of diabetes. According to experts, consume at least 20 grams of almonds every day half an hour before breakfast, dinner or dinner. This lowers the blood glucose level every day.
Why Almonds Help Lower Blood Sugar
According to a media report,  A study was done keeping India in mind. In which it has come out that almonds have been chosen as a pre-meal load due to the abundance of mono-unsaturated fatty acids, fiber and protein, gaining special recognition among the people of India. This means that almonds have been chosen as the main superfood to eliminate blood sugar before eating. The study was led by Dr Seema Gulati, Center for Nutrition Research, National Diabetes Obesity and Cholesterol Foundation, and Dr Anoop Mishra, Chairperson, Diabetes and Allied Sciences, Fortis Hospital.
Study in two ways
More focus on pre-meal sugar test
The importance of the study also increases because most of the Indians get the blood sugar test done on an empty stomach, but no one pays attention to the sugar test after eating. While the food of most Indians is such that there is a high possibility of increasing sugar. That’s why the sugar level increases after eating them. Increase in sugar after eating is a symptom of type 2 diabetes in the beginning itself. Dr. Gulati said that this study proves that eating almonds before meals reduces the risk of type 2 diabetes and cures diabetes.
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