Do not use these 3 things of a dead person even by mistake, the soul can be attracted

Garuda Purana, Lord Vishnu Niti Granth: Everyone knows that death is the truth. But there are many beliefs around the world about what happens to the soul after death. But in Garuda Purana, the book of Sanatan Hinduism, death has been described in detail. This is the only book of Hindu religion and Vaishnava sect, in which the account of death, sin-virtue and heaven-hell is found.

We do not know anything about what happens to the soul after death and where it goes. But what will happen to the one who is left behind after death. That is, what will happen to the things related to the deceased after his death. There are many beliefs about this in the Hindu society.

Generally, after the death of a family member, people use their belongings as a remembrance or as a token, while some people destroy the things related to the deceased. In Garuda Purana, some things related to the dead person have been told, which should not be used even by mistake. This can attract spirits and spread negativity.

Do not use these items of the deceased even by mistake

  • Jewelry or ornaments: It is said that, any person has a lot of attachment to his jewelry. This also applies to the soul of the deceased person. According to Garuda Purana, the jewelry of a person who dies should not be used. Due to this, the energy of the deceased or the soul gets connected with the person who has worn his ornaments. You can use the jewelry by getting it made in a new way. But wearing jewelry should be avoided in that condition. On the other hand, if the dead person has gifted you his jewelry before his death, then you can use it and keep it as a token. But especially do not make the mistake of wearing such jewelry, which the deceased was very attached to.
  • Clothes: Any person is very attached to his clothes. . According to Garuda Purana, even after death, the soul of the deceased cannot leave the worldly attachment. In such a situation, the soul can be attracted by using their clothes. That’s why one should avoid wearing the clothes of the deceased. After the death of a person, his clothes should be donated. This brings peace and salvation to the soul.
  • Watch: According to Garuda Purana, after the death of a family member, his watch should also not be used. It is believed that the positive and negative energy of the deceased resides in the watch. Wearing the dead man’s watch has the effect of negative energy and he dreams of the dead man again and again.

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Disclaimer: The information provided here is based on beliefs and information only. It is important to mention here that does not confirm any kind of recognition, information. Please seek relevant expert advice before acting on any information or assumptions.

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