Did India join the Quad because of the dragon’s aggressive attitude? Mike Pompeo’s claim

Mike Pompeo on India Foreign Policy: Former US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has said that India has had an independent stand regarding foreign policy. Mike Pompeo claimed that India, which adopted an independent approach on foreign policy, had to change its strategy due to China’s aggressive activities. He said that India joined the Quad group of four countries because of the aggressive attitude of China. 

Former US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo in his new book ‘Never Give An Inch: Fighting For The America I Love’ deals with relations with China and India joining the Quad.

India-China relations discussed

Mike Pompeo said that India and China have been locked in a prolonged border standoff in eastern Ladakh for more than 31 months. In June 2020, there was a serious tension in the bilateral relations after the violent clash in the Galvan Valley of eastern Ladakh. India has said that until there is peace in the border area, bilateral relations cannot be normal.

Why did India join the Quad?

In his new book ‘Never Give An Inch: Fighting for the America I Love’, which came in the market on Tuesday, said that India joined the Quad group due to China’s aggressive attitude. Pompeo described India as a ‘wild card’ in the Quad, as it was a nation founded on socialist ideology. It also distanced itself from the US and the then USSR in the Cold War. India always pursued its foreign policy without a true alliance system.

The Quad took shape in 2017

Mike Pompeo in his book How at that time the Donald Trump administration was successful in bringing India into the Quad grouping. The US, Japan, India and Australia gave shape to the long-pending proposal of setting up a Quad alliance in 2017 to counter China’s aggressive posture in the resource-rich Indo-Pacific region.

Indian soldiers were martyrs

Pompeo writes, "In June 2020, twenty Indian soldiers were killed by Chinese soldiers in a clash in the Galvan Valley. Because of that bloody skirmish, the Indian public demanded a change in their country’s relations with China. India responded by banning Tiktok and dozens of Chinese apps”.

Shinzo Abe is also mentioned in the book

Former US Foreign Minister In his book, Minister Mike Pompeo has described former Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe as a global leader of extraordinary courage and vision. Shinzo Abe, considered the father of the Quad, demonstrated his foresight in seeing the CCP as a threat. He also coined the idea of ​​a free and open Indo-Pacific.

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