Controversy over the rate of sugarcane in Haryana, Mahapanchayat will be held in Kurukshetra today

Haryana News: The farmers of Haryana have been protesting for the last several days for increasing the rate of sugarcane. On Sunday also, the farmers protested at the Sugar Mill located on Assandh, Indri and Meerut Road. Farmers say that till the rate of sugarcane is not reduced to Rs 400 per quintal, they will continue to protest. A mahapanchayat of farmer organizations will be held in Kurukshetra today to decide the future strategy regarding this. 

Farmers are sitting on dharna in many districts
Farmers in many districts of Haryana are sitting on an indefinite dharna against the government for not increasing the rate of sugarcane. Due to non-availability of sugarcane in the sugar mills, there is a loss of crores of rupees daily. The farmers say that they are not going to get up from the strike until the government gives them their rights. He says that sugarcane crop is costing more, but farmers are not getting the price of sugarcane. In such a situation, sugarcane cultivation is also being affected. Farmers are facing difficulties in cultivating sugarcane. 

Sugar mills of these districts remained closed due to strike
All three sugar mills of Karnal along with one sugar mill located in Kurukshetra, Panipat, Ambala, Yamunanagar, Kaithal districts )  It is also closed on Sundays. The same Chaudhary Devilal Cooperative Sugar Mill located in Ahulana village of Sonipat district also remained closed for the third day on Sunday. Congress MLA Induraj Narwal (MLA Induraj Narwal) from Baroda reached the protest site and supported the farmers. Farmers say that they are being forced to shut down the mills. Farmers are also suffering due to the closure of mills. But still the government is turning a blind eye. 

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