Chris Hipkins becomes the new PM of New Zealand, replacing Jacinda Ardern

New Zealand New Prime Minister: New Zealand has got a new Prime Minister. Chris Hipkins has been sworn in as the 41st Prime Minister of New Zealand. He has replaced Jacinda Arden. A week after the sudden resignation of Jacinda Ardern, 44-year-old Chris Hipkins was offered the role of prime minister. Hipkins was sworn in as prime minister by Governor General Cindy Kiro at an official ceremony in New Zealand’s capital, Wellington.

< p style ="text-align: justify;">Chris Hipkins becomes the new PM of New Zealand

Many ministries have been handled under the leadership of Ardern

The ruling Labor Party’s caucus found unanimous support to elevate Chris Hipkins to lead the country. According to media reports, under Ardern’s leadership, he has taken charge as a minister in the departments related to education and police. Hipkins built a reputation as the minister leading New Zealand’s Covid-19 strategy. His important role in Covid management was highly appreciated. 

It is being told that New Zealand PM Chris Hipkins will remain on the PM’s chair for less than 9 months. General elections are expected to be held in October this year. 

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