China Taiwan Conflict: 10 Reasons Why Xi Jinping Can’t Attack Taiwan?

China Taiwan Controversy: The China-Taiwan dispute keeps heating up from time to time. He keeps on giving such threats that China will attack Taiwan. At times the atmosphere becomes tense as it has been in the recent past. Media reports have also claimed many times that China has made up its mind to attack Taiwan, but today we tell you why China will not attack Taiwan soon.

Let us tell you some such important reasons, due to which you will also feel that China will not attack Taiwan soon. 

1- Russia-Ukraine war is like a lesson for other countries, the world is watching how Ukraine is facing a superpower like Russia. The Russia-Ukraine war is about to end a year, yet the war continues. This is an advice for those big countries who take small countries lightly. Any war has an impact on the country’s economy and China keeps its economic interests paramount. 

2- The Chinese economy has come to a standstill due to the COVID-19 pandemic. In such a situation, Chinese President Xi Jinping would not like to take the additional burden of waging war. At the same time, China would not want to take any risk in view of Pakistan’s economic crisis. Significantly, Corona has caused huge damage to China’s economy in recent times. 

3- It may be known that China may have been on the side of Russia in the Russo-Ukraine war, but it did not let its economic interests suffer because of its support for the war. Along with this, China also has economic relations with Taiwan. Taiwan is the largest chip producing country today. In such a situation, China would not want to attack Taiwan and let its trade with Europe or America be affected. 

4- Chinese President Xi Jinping would not like any decision to be taken in haste which would have to bear the brunt. In such a situation, he would not want to wage any war because he knows that entering the battlefield means fighting with full force. 

5- China already knows that Taiwan is not weaker than anywhere in terms of military power. Taiwan is far ahead of Ukraine in terms of military strength. In such a situation, China will not make the mistake of Russia. Please tell that there are more than 100 islands in Taiwan. Taiwan’s outer islands are littered with missiles, rockets and cannons. Which is enough to thwart any attack. 

6- China is apprehensive that America may come in the way in the midst of an attack on Taiwan. Let us tell you that America has always been protesting about taking Taiwan by force. Apart from the US President Joe Biden himself, no one has given a positive answer regarding this matter directly. Also, China-US rivalry is also a big reason, due to which Washington cannot give free hand to Beijing in any military operation against Taiwan. 

7- Japan has already made it clear that it is with Taiwan. The late Prime Minister Abe had indicated that Tokyo would help defend Taiwan. There will definitely be a fear of this thing in China’s mind because if China tries to attack Taiwan, then America and Japan can come with Taiwan. 

8- Chinese President Xi Jinping is well aware of the solidarity of the West during the Ukraine crisis. The European Union is a major trading partner of China. In such a situation, China would not want to take any unnecessary risk.

9- Taiwan may not be included in the series of recent US multilateral security and trade initiatives in the Indo-Pacific region but the island has been recognized as an integral part of defense mechanisms such as the Quad, AUCS, etc. I am considered. To maintain the status quo in the Indo-Pacific region, not only Japan but also India and Australia can come to Taiwan’s rescue. In such a situation, China probably would not want to take the risk of facing three big military powers together.

10- ASEAN has emerged as China’s largest trading partner and their bilateral trade is set to reach $1 trillion in a few years. It is therefore highly unlikely that Beijing would resort to actions that would force countries in Southeast Asia to view China as an enemy.

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