Bulandshahr police got big success, caught 15 vicious thieves stealing electric wire

Bulandshahr Police Action: Bulandshahr police got a big success today. Police arrested 15 such vicious thieves, who used to steal the wires of HT and LT line of electricity. These are the 15 vicious thieves, who used to commit theft incidents in different districts of Uttar Pradesh. In the blink of an eye, he used to cut those electric wires, in which strong current used to run. Not only this, after stealing the wire, these vicious thieves used to fill it in their vehicles and take it for theft. These sly thieves were paying the installments by buying a car with their black money of this theft.

Secunderabad police and SWAT team arrested 15 vicious gang members of HT and LT line wire stealers along with stolen goods worth lakhs of rupees from Mohammadpur canal side on information of informer. While 6 members of these vicious thieves managed to escape by taking advantage of the darkness, efforts are being made to arrest them.

Tell that the arrested Manoj Yadav, Itul, Ankur, Titu, Rajesh, Salman, Dharam Singh, Amar, Kadir and Salim, Dumbar, Taj and Santosh, Devendra, Rampal have a long criminal history. At present, the police have arrested all the accused and sent them to jail, while now the police is looking for the students to whom they used to sell the stolen goods. SSP Bulandshahr Shlok Kumar has also announced a reward for the police team that arrested the gang of thieves.

15 gang nabbed

SSP Bulandshahr Shlok Kumar told in a press conference that a few days ago there was a wire cutting incident in Bulandshahr district, in which new lines were being laid, they were being targeted. These towers were being laid in the middle of such a village, which was deserted. Such towers were being targeted by the accused. For the disclosure of this incident, the team of police station Secunderabad and SOG was deployed, due to which a gang of 15 people was caught today. Stolen goods and stolen equipment etc. have been recovered from them. This is a very specialized gang, all of whose members have acquired expertise in wire cutting, they are residents of different districts.

The arrested accused are from Farukhabad, Aligarh, Hapur, Mainpuri, Delhi, Bulandshahr, Aligarh, Bahraich. These people used to target the tower in the deserted area by taking advantage of the fog in the winter season. A Baleno car was recovered from them, with which they used to do Reiki. The accused had bought this car with this stolen money. A pickup vehicle, a canter, two motorcycles, a huge amount of stolen wire and some other equipment have been recovered from the accused. The accused were sent to judicial custody.

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