Both the girls seen with their mother are superstar sisters, the entire Bollywood is running alone on the strength of the younger one, recognized?

Pictures of Bollywood celebs go viral on social media, which are challenged to identify the fans. We have brought one such photo for you in today’s post. In the photo that we have brought for you, two star sisters of Bollywood can be seen. This is a black and white photo. In the photo you can see that a small girl is sitting on the mother’s lap and her elder sister is next to her. Both these sisters have been Bollywood superstars at one time. Not only this, even today the younger one is ruling the film industry.

Did you recognize what happened? If you still do not recognize, then tell that the girls seen with their mother in the photo are none other than today’s superstar actress Tabu and her elder sister Farah Naaz. The girl sitting on her mother’s lap is Tabu and the girl sitting next to her is Farah Naaz. This photo of the actress is becoming very viral on social media, on which people are commenting in various ways. Some are recognizing their favorite actress after seeing the photo, while some are sweating to identify someone’s actress.


Let me tell you, Tabu is currently the only Bollywood actress who has been giving hit films one after the other for some time now. Or simply say that Tabu is running the film industry alone, then it will not be wrong at all. Tabu’s films like Bhool Bhulaiyaa 2 and Drishyam 2 have been super hit at the box office. At the same time, now the actress will soon be seen in the role of a police officer in the film ‘Bhola’ with Ajay Devgan. So how did you like this childhood photo of Tabu? Do tell us by commenting.

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