Black carrot is a treasure of powerful antioxidants, benefits in many diseases including cancer

Kali Gajar: Carrot is very beneficial for health, so people include it in some form or the other in their food during the winter season. Some make sweet dishes and some eat carrots in the form of salads, but have you ever eaten black carrots. Yes, carrots are not only red or orange but also black or purple in color. Black carrot is also called desi carrot, it gives many benefits. Carrots are rich in powerful antioxidants that are known to benefit a number of health conditions. Let’s know about the benefits of black carrots

Makes the digestive system strong-Eating black carrots in winter strengthens the digestive system. Improves digestion, black carrots are rich in fiber, which easily removes constipation acidity problems.

Effective in fighting cancer- Research Studies show that the antioxidants found in black carrots have cancer-fighting properties. A research was done on rats, in this research rats were exposed to cancer promoting compound and then some rats were given black carrot extract in diet and some rats were given normal diet. The results of the study showed that the rats that were fed black carrots were less likely to develop cancer when compared to rats that ate a normal diet.

Helpful in weight loss- Black carrot is a vegetable that is low in calories but it is the most nutritious, due to which it is considered as a good food for weight loss. Consumption helps to reduce both.

Best for the eyes- Black carrots keep the eyes healthy, it contains nutrients like vitamin A and beta carotene, which are beneficial for the eyes. Help in keeping the eyes healthy by increasing the light of the eyes.

Strengthen the immune system- Eating black carrots in winter strengthens immunity, vitamin C is rich in black carrots. Found in it, which protects the body from seasonal diseases.

Beneficial in arthritis- An antioxidant called anthocyanin polyphenol antioxidant is found in black carrots. This has many benefits for health. Black carrot rich in this antioxidant is very beneficial for arthritis. This helps to overcome problems related to inflammation. It acts as an anti-inflammatory agent, which helps in reducing the harmful compound pro-inflammatory cytokines. This property of black carrots helps in reducing the symptoms of arthritis by reducing the oxidative stress in the body. Remains. Nutrients are found in abundance in it, which help in keeping the heart healthy by reducing bad cholesterol. Eating black carrots reduces the risk of heart diseases.

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