BJP got angry when Digvijay Singh raised questions by mentioning surgical strike

Digvijaya Singh: Congress’ Bharat Jodo Yatra is in Jammu and Kashmir these days. During this, Digvijay Singh has once again raised questions on the surgical strike on Pakistan. He said that there is talk of surgical strike that we killed so many people, but there is no proof of this till date. Not only this, he has raised questions on the central government on many issues. So right there, BJP has given its answer.

During the Bharat Jodo Yatra in Jammu, Congress leader Digvijay Singh said that the government does not want to decide here, does not want to solve the problem here. It wants to perpetuate this problem so that films like Kashmir Files continue to be made and spread hatred between Hindus and Muslims. He said that in Pulwama, which has become a center of terror, vehicles are checked outside, where a Scorpio vehicle comes from the opposite direction, why was it not checked and checked, and then it collides. And 40 of our CRPF jawans get martyred.

From where did the terrorist get 300 kg RDX in Pulwama incident? Devendra Singh DSP was caught with terrorists but then why was he released? We also want to know about the friendship between the Prime Minister of Pakistan and India.

What did Digvijay Singh say?

Till date the information of the incident was neither presented in the Parliament nor kept in front of the public. They talk about surgical strike that we killed so many people, but there is no evidence, they are ruling only by telling lies. Attacking the central government, he said that the government has done the work of separating brothers in the country. Worked to increase the gap between rich and poor. Inflation and unemployment are at peak. The income of some special friends of PM Modi has increased. He said that ever since Article 370 was removed in the valley, terrorist incidents have increased. Everyday one or the other incident is happening and now incidents are happening till Rajouri.

| J&K: They (Centre) talk about surgical strikes and that they have killed so many of them but there is no proof: Congress leader Digvijaya Singh

— ANI (@ANI) January 23, 2023

‘By selling religion, they do politics on dead bodies’

Digvijay Singh made a scathing attack and said that Sanatan Dharma considers everyone as its family. These people sell religion and do politics on dead bodies. Vivekananda ji has said that every religion teaches humanity, the paths may be different but everyone’s destination is same. Hindus, Muslims and Christians worked together to get freedom for this country. These people have sown the seed of hatred among all. Bharat Jodo Yatra is for all of them.

BJP hits back

So on the other hand, BJP has retaliated on this statement of Digvijay Singh. BJP spokesperson Gaurav Bhatia has said that the character of the Congress party is to make irresponsible statements. The country will not tolerate anyone who speaks against our security forces. Due to their hatred towards PM Modi, there is no patriotism left in Rahul Gandhi and Digvijay Singh. Congress’s Bharat Jodo Yatra is just an excuse, in fact these people are working to break India.

He said that when our brave army kills by entering the border of Pakistan, then Pakistan feels pain but some people here also feel pain. Let me present some facts. After the Pulwama attack, Congress spokesperson Randeep Surjewala gave a statement giving a clean chit to Pakistan.

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