‘Bharat Jodo Yatra defaming the country…’, Rajnath Singh attacks Rahul Gandhi

Rajnath Singh On Rahul Gandhi: Defense Minister Rajnath Singh visited Madhya Pradesh on Sunday (January 22). In Singrauli, Madhya Pradesh, Rajnath Singh fiercely attacked Rahul Gandhi. He accused Rahul Gandhi of creating hatred among people to gain power. Defense Minister alleged that Rahul Gandhi is tarnishing India’s image at international forums.

The Shivraj government of Madhya Pradesh allotted land to more than 25 thousand families under the plot allotment scheme in Singrauli. Defense Minister Rajnath Singh attended the program as the chief guest. In the program, Rajnath Singh asked Rahul Gandhi not to play with India’s prestige and its pride.

India’s strength in defense sector increased

The Defense Minister slammed the Congress for raising questions on the Army and said, "In the recent conflict with the Chinese soldiers, the Indian soldiers acted charismatically and displayed bravery. Praising his government, the Defense Minister said, "The Modi government has done the work of taking the country on the path of development. Earlier we used to import other things including warplanes, missiles, warships and bombs from other countries, but now we have made everything in India." They said, "Even now we are exporting defense material."

Bharat Jodo Yatra targeted

‘Congress defaming India’

Rajnath said, "Rahul ji, what has happened to you? You want to regain power by creating hatred. Power cannot be achieved by creating hatred, it can be achieved only by earning the trust and love of the public."text-align: justify;"> Rajnath accused the Congress that the Congress party was trying to defame India and tarnish its image by saying that only hatred dominated India. He said that the country has now earned a lot of respect in the world.

Praised Shivraj Singh

In Singrauli, Rajnath Singh praised CM Shivraj Singh fiercely. They said, "Today, the Chief Minister has allotted land to more than 25,000 families under the plot allotment scheme. If the CM was not committed to the welfare of the poor, this work would not have happened." Indirectly targeting the Congress, Rajnath said, "Politicians have gained the support of the public by giving allurements. But BJP does what it says."

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