Basant Panchami 2023: Worship Mother Saraswati with this method today on Basant Panchami

Basant Panchami 2023: Today, on January 26, 2023, the festival of Basant Panchami is being celebrated. This day is dedicated to Saraswati, the goddess of knowledge and learning. It is believed that reciting Saraswati Chalisa on this day makes Maa Sharda very happy and the path of achieving the goal becomes easy for the seeker.

Saraswati Chalisa text


Janak Janani Pad Kamal Raj, Dhari on his head.

Bandou Matu Saraswati, give wisdom power.

Tav pervading the whole world, Glory Amit Anantu.

To the sins of Ramsagar, you are now dead.


Jai Shri Sakal Buddhi Balrasi.Jai Sarvagya Amar Avinashi.

Jai Jai Jai Veenakar Dhari."text-align: justify;"> Mother with quadrilateral form. Famous in the whole world.

When there is sin in the world, only then the light of religion fades ॥2॥

Only then the own incarnation of Matu."text-align: justify;">Valmikiji was the killer.Tav prasad janai sansara ॥3॥"text-align: justify;">Ramcharit who created and got the title of Adi poet.

Kalidas who is a great scholar. Mother by your grace ॥4॥

Tulsi Sur etc. scholar."text-align: justify;">Tinh na aur reu avalamba.Kev krip aapki Amba॥5॥

Karhu Kripa Soi Matu Bhavani."text-align: justify;">Son commits a lot of crimes."text-align: justify;">Rakhu Laz my mother now."text-align: justify;"> I am an orphan and dependent on you. Please do Jai Jai Jagdamba."text-align: justify;">Madhukaitabh who is very strong."text-align: justify;">Ghora in summer thousand five. Still did not turn away from him.8.

Mother’s help is black."text-align: justify;">Tehi te mrityu bhi khal keri.Purvahu matu manorath meri 9 9"text-align: justify;"> Chand Mund who was famous."text-align: justify;">Sinners empowered by blood seeds. Surmuni heart trembles ॥10॥

Kateu head Jimmy Kadli Khamba.Barbar bin and Jagdamba.

The world-famous jo Shumbhanishumbha.Thai tahi amba ॥11 ॥

Bharat Matu went to the intellect. Ramchandra was exiled.

Ehividhi Ravana Vadh Tu Keenha.Sur Narmuni gave happiness to everyone ॥12॥

Ko Samrath Tav Yash Gun Song.Nigam Anadi Anant Bakhana.

Vishnu Rudra Jas Kahin Mari.Whose protector you are|13|

Rakta Dantika and Shatakshi. The name is immense demon eater.

Kinha on the inaccessible earth."text-align: justify;"> Durg Adi Harni Tu Mata."text-align: justify;">Nrip wants to kill the angry one."text-align: justify;"> Neighbors of the ship in the middle of the ocean."text-align: justify;">Ghosts in trouble or sorrow. Be poor or in trouble.16.

The brother who is sonless."text-align: justify;">Recite this Chalisa daily. May the son have beautiful qualities Isha.

Offer Dhoopadik Naivedya. Must be free from trouble.18॥

Always do devotion to Matu. If you don’t come near then there is trouble.

Bandi recite Sat Bara. ॥19॥

Bhavani for Ramsagar Dam.Kijai Kripa Das Nij Jani.20॥


Matu Surya Kanti Tav, Darkness Mam Roop.

May I protect you from drowning.

Balbuddhi Vidya Dehu Mohi, Sunhu Saraswati Matu.

You give shelter to Ram Sagar Adham.

Basant Panchami 2023: 5 rare coincidences are being made on Basant Panchami, worshiping in the right Muhurta will give manifold virtue

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