Bageshwar government will get 121 poor girls married on Mahashivaratri, survey team is investigating this

Bageshwar Dham: Like every year, this year also the Chhatarpur-based Bageshwar Dham government is going to get 121 poor girls married. The mass wedding ceremony will be held on February 18 on Mahashivratri. Till now more than 550 applications have been received. The survey team of Bageshwar Dham government is checking the toilet and the character of the groom at home. It is being told that the survey team of Bageshwar Dham government is closely investigating for the mass marriage ceremony.

In the investigation, the status of the applicant’s parent’s home, means of income, everyday goods are being looked into. The date of birth and educational certificates of the bride and groom, who are going to tie the knot, are also being closely scrutinised. In the process of Bageshwar Dham Peethadhishwar, the bride and groom of wealthy families are considered ineligible. The applications of the family capable of marrying the daughter will be rejected.

The survey team of the Bageshwar Dham government has left

It is important that the survey team of Bageshwar Dham Government is reaching the applicants’ house to find out whether the groom does not take any kind of intoxicant. Also whether the bride and groom have toilets or not. Along with this, the criminal record of the groom or his family is also being checked. It is being checked in the document that the age of the girl is not less than 18 years and the age of the boy is not less than 21 years. To prove the age, birth certificate or gram panchayat sub-registrar or municipality registrar or hospital certificate is being checked. 

What will be given to daughters as gifts?

1. Double bed with mattress, bed sheet, pillow, blanket
2. sofa set
3. Dressing table
4. Kitchen set of 121 utensils
5. 165 liters freeze
6. Cooler
7. TV
8. Wardrobe
9. Trolley Bag
10. Anklets, earrings, a gold item
11. Four sarees, dressing materials
12. Safari Suit, Sehra
13. Mare for groom extraction
14. Other material of girl marriage

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