Bad news for Windows 10 system aspirants! Its sale will be closed by the end of this month

Microsoft Windows 10 : Microsoft is going to stop selling downloads of Windows 10 Home and Pro versions by the end of this month. The company has updated the selling page of the Windows, and has informed that  they will not be on sale after January 31. If seen, it is in those Very bad news for people who were thinking of going with the new Windows 10 PC, but now the product key for this version will not be available from February. However, a strange thing has also happened. Amidst all this, Microsoft has said that it will continue to provide its support for older versions of Windows. Let’s know its details in this news.. 

Support will be available till 2025
The news of the end of sales may be disappointing for many. By the way, the company will continue to provide software support for Windows 10 till October 14, 2025. We are saying this because the company has updated on its selling page that Windows 10 will be supported till October 14, 2025 with security updates that help protect your PC from viruses, spyware and other malware." 

Will be able to buy only Windows 11 from next month
From next month i.e. February, PC manufacturers will be able to buy Windows 11 only from Microsoft’s official website. Talking about Windows 10 now, currently, new copies of Windows 10 Home can be purchased from Microsoft’s site for Rs 10,379. According to the details shared by the company, the price of Windows 10 Pro is Rs 16,515. Please tell that GST is included separately in these prices.

Layoffs in Microsoft
Microsoft, on the other hand, has announced layoffs as the tech giant prepares for slow revenue growth. Due to this change, by the end of the third quarter of the financial year 2023, there will be a reduction of 10,000 jobs in the total workforce. This shows that the company is not planning to remove all the people at once. However, it has already started the process of retrenchment.

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