Assembly elections may be held ahead of time in Maharashtra, NCP leader Supriya Sule gave these indications

Maharashtra News: Assembly elections may be held in Maharashtra ahead of time. This has been indicated by senior NCP leader and MP Supriya Sule. Supriya Sule says that the assembly elections in Maharashtra can be held even before the 2024 Lok Sabha elections. The main reason for this is that there is a lack of trust in the present government of the state. Supriya Sule said that the assembly elections in the state can be held even before the Lok Sabha elections, anything is possible, I am not able to see happiness in what is going on, I am seeing a lot of dissatisfaction.

Supriya Sule said that a parallel organization is working which is taking all the decisions. I came to know from the media that one man is running six departments. One person has got all the power, the lack of concern and trust in these people is clearly visible. On the other hand, when Supriya Sule was asked about the Mahavikas Aghadi, whether the grand alliance will once again contest the elections, Sule said that if the elections are held soon, the grand alliance will do very well. Supriya Sule further said that getting good pictures does not mean that the conditions are good. When people laugh more, there is more worry. We need to bring forward the issues of common people. 

BJP’s problems will increase if the opposition unites- Sule
The MP said that issues like employment, inflation, economy should be discussed. Nothing will happen with issues like love jihad and Hindutva. We have to answer the propaganda of these people. If the opposition unites, then the difficulty may increase for the BJP. Devendra Fadnavis believes in contesting elections with equality-price-punishment-discrimination. I do not understand why there has been no reshuffle in the last six months. BJP attacks the opposition, PM Modi talks about familyism. I was surprised that he did not raise this issue in Mumbai. I thought he would make a more stern statement, but he didn’t say anything like that.

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