As soon as Shah Rukh’s ‘Pathan’ released, why people started targeting the film by taking the name of Dawood Ibrahim

Pathaan Movie Release: Shah Rukh Khan and Deepika Padukone’s film ‘Pathan’ has been released. A section of netizens seems to be upset about the film Pathan, which has already been mired in controversies. As soon as the film is released, many users on social media are targeting the name of Underworld Don Dawood Ibrahim. Now the question is how is Dawood’s name linked to Shahrukh Khan’s film and why are people targeting him.

It is being told that after the disclosure about the second marriage of gangster Dawood Ibrahim with a Pakistani Pathan woman, people’s resentment came to the fore. 

Why are people targeting the film Pathan?

After the news of gangster Dawood Ibrahim’s second marriage in Pakistan, now people have intensified the call for boycott of Pathan film. The controversy started after Ali Shah Parkar, son of Dawood Ibrahim’s sister Haseena Parkar, disclosed to the National Security Agency about the gangster’s second marriage to a Pakistani Pathan woman. There were many revelations in the interrogation of Ali Shah Parkar. After the news of second marriage, many users are targeting the film Pathan by taking Dawood’s name. 

Parker’s disclosure about Dawood

According to Parkar, Dawood’s new hideout in Pakistan is near Rahim Faki, a defense area behind Abdullah Ghazi Baba Dargah in Karachi. Parkar’s statement was recorded by the National Investigation Agency. Parkar also told the NIA that Dawood does not keep in touch with anyone. He also said that Dawood had remarried a Pakistani Pathan. 

Did Dawood divorce his first wife?

Ali Shah Parkar also revealed that Dawood Ibrahim has divorced his first wife Mahjabeen Sheikh, but this is not true. He recently met his first wife a few months back in July 2022 in Dubai. In Dubai, he stayed at the house of Zaitoon Hamid Antulay. Deepika Padukone was first targeted by right-wing groups for her outfit after the release of the song ‘Besharam Rang’ from the Hindi film ‘Pathan’. 

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