Apple gave a shock! HomePod mini and iMac prices increased in India, here’s the new price

Apple Product: Apple has recently introduced its new HomePod in the market. This latest smart speaker from Apple has been introduced with better audio, new hardware and great Siri Experience. On the one hand, prices have been cut on Apple’s old products, while on the other hand, Apple has increased the price of iMac and HomePod mini in India, France and Europe. The price of HomePod Mini has increased by Rs 1,000 and iMac is seeing an increase of up to 10,000. Let’s know the details. 

Now the price of HomePod Mini in India
The price of HomePod Mini in India is getting increased by Rs 1,000 and now it is listed for Rs 10,900. Let us tell you that Apple launched HomePod Mini at a price of Rs 9,990. The new HomePod Mini comes with a fabric build and four microphones, which supports Siri voice commands, even when you are away from the device. HomePod Mini comes with S5 and U1 chips. It has the support of Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 5.0 and 20W. In this you get five color options white, yellow, orange, blue and grey. 

Price of iMac also increased
Talking about iMac, Apple has increased the price of 24-inch model by a whopping Rs 10,000. It was launched in April 2021 for Rs 1,19,900. This 24-inch iMac works on M1 silicon.  It comes with seven-core GPU support and M2 octa-core CPU. In this you get 8GB of RAM and 256GB of internal storage. Now it has been listed for Rs.1,29,900. Also tell that the eight-core GPU model can be bought for Rs 1,49,900.

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