Anchor running behind the camera, you will not be able to stop laughing after watching this video

BBC Presenter Oops Movement: Videos related to news channels go viral on social media, in which sometimes news channel anchors fall prey to Oops Moment. Along with the changing technology in the world, news channels have updated themselves. News channel studios now have automatic cameras. A video is going viral on social media. Which has been seen many times on social media. In this viral video, the automatic camera is seen following the anchor. The anchor walks behind the camera as soon as the camera is moving.

Technology and automation have made our lives simpler. But sometimes the progress of technology itself becomes the cause of trouble for us. Due to such a technical fault, this incident was captured in the camera. The anchors are taken aback by the sudden movement of the camera in the studio. After this the camera keeps rolling until the anchor sits on her seat. While you can see in the video, the anchor is not standing on her chair but reading the news from another place.

Unexpectedly off-piste today for a story.

Bend ze knees & trust (in your director).

Thank you to the cool heads in the gallery this morning who make recoveries *almost* look like they were scripted all along.

— Victoria Valentine (@VValentineNews) January 20, 2023

Camera in the studio suddenly follows the anchor

The video going viral on social media has been shared by BBC anchor Victoria Valentine with a video of this gaffe on her Twitter handle. The incident took place when Victoria Valentine was hosting the live on-air breakfast show. Suddenly, after some glitch in the camera, the live camera started moving behind Victoria and was going to the main desk. where an empty chair was kept.

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