AK Antony’s son quits Congress after condemning BBC documentary, resigns

AK Antony Son Quits Congress: BJP has got the support of senior Congress leader and Anil Antony, son of former Kerala Chief Minister AK Antony, regarding the BBC documentary on Gujarat riots. In this episode, he also resigned from the Congress party on Wednesday. Earlier, Anil Antony had said that giving importance to the opinion of the British broadcaster over the opinion of Indian institutions would affect the sovereignty of the country.

What did Anil Antony write in the resignation letter?

In the resignation letter he wrote, "Considering yesterday’s events, I believe it would be appropriate for me to give up all my roles in the Congress… I would like to thank everyone, especially the Kerala state leadership and Dr. Shashi Tharoor."

‘a bunch of sycophants and sycophants..’

Anil further wrote, "I am sure I have unique strengths of my own which would enable me to contribute very effectively to the party in multiple ways. However, by now I am well aware that you, your co-workers and the circle around the leadership are only willing to work with a bunch of sycophants and sycophants who will unquestioningly act at your behest. It has become the sole criterion of merit. Sadly, we do not have much common ground."

What did Anil say about the documentary?

He said on Twitter that despite all the differences with the BJP, giving more importance to the views of BBC and former British Foreign Secretary Jack Straw than the views of Indian institutions is a dangerous practice and will affect the sovereignty of the country. Anil Antony has also said in the tweet that BBC is a government sponsored channel and has a history of alleged bias towards India. He also said that Jack Straw was the one who ‘planned the Iraq war’ was made In 2003, the US-led coalition invaded Iraq.

Significantly, Anil Antony used to handle the digital communication of the Kerala unit of the Congress till recently. His remarks came at a time when various branches of the state Congress have announced that they will screen the controversial documentary on the 2002 Gujarat riots. Modi was the Chief Minister of Gujarat at the time of the riots.

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