After all, why did the strong minister of the Modi government hug Nirmal Chowdhary? What is its meaning?

Rajasthan News: Rajasthan University’s student union president Nirmal Choudhary was slapped by ABVP’s Arvind Jajda yesterday on the stage of a Union minister. And today another Union Minister has hugged Nirmal Chowdhary. At the same time, many meanings of this meeting are being extracted. Actually, Nirmal Chaudhary is the independent president of Rajasthan University. He does not believe in any party but in the leader. He has repeated this thing many times. Nirmal says that we are with the one who will work in the interest of the students, who will think for the youth. Yesterday, Nirmal had asked Union Minister Gajendra Singh Shekhawat who had given permission to fight on stage in front of him. 

Nirmal Chaudhary has shared a total of 15 photos on social media with Union Minister Sanjeev Balyan. He has written that today there was a cordial meeting with Union Minister, Government of India and Lok Sabha MP Muzaffarnagar Uttar Pradesh Dr. Sanjeev Balyan. You gave immense affection and love by sharing your experiences of struggle in your journey from student politics to parliament. Along with this, the issues of political and youth interests of village, country, country and state were discussed. Since then many meanings are being extracted from this meeting.

Why Nirmal Chowdhary is in discussion
Two days ago, during the inauguration of the student union at Maharani Mahavidyalaya, Jaipur, in front of Union Minister Gajendra Singh Shekhawat, Rajasthan University President Nirmal Chowdhary, General Secretary Arvind Jajda had slapped. Since then, Nirmal Chowdhary has been in the limelight everyday. Nirmal wrote on social media that, ‘The blessings of all the sisters who gave so much love and blessings yesterday at Maharani Mahavidyalaya always gives me the courage to do good work for the new change. Your brother will never be weakened by the cowardly act done by some anti-social elements by introducing a low mentality.’

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