After a long wait in Himachal, the chief parliamentary secretaries got the departments, will help in the work of the cabinet

Himachal Pradesh News: After waiting for two weeks, the Chief Parliamentary Secretary in Himachal Pradesh has been attached with the ministers. In Himachal Pradesh, on January 8, all the Chief Parliamentary Secretaries were sworn in at the State Secretariat. The Congress government of Himachal Pradesh has assigned different responsibilities to six Chief Parliamentary Secretaries. Chief Parliamentary Secretary Mohan Lal Brakta has been entrusted with the Law Department, Parliamentary Affairs Department and Horticulture Department. Ramkumar has been given the responsibility of Town Planning Department, Industry Department and Revenue Department. Similarly, Ashish Butail has been attached to the Urban Development Department along with the Chief Minister and Education Minister in the Education Department.
Proposal will go to CPS first
In a letter issued by Chief Secretary Prabodh Saxena on January 17, it was clarified that the CPS will not have the right to approve any file. CPS will only be able to register their votes. Apart from this, it was also said in the letter that the proposals or files sent by the departments will go to the CPS before the concerned ministers.
Chief Parliamentary Secretaries have no final decision-making power
The Chief Secretary had issued this order on the instructions given by the Chief Minister. The CPS will have full right to record its vote on the proposal or file. However, the final decision of any kind will remain in the hands of the Minister concerned. The General Administration Department has already given guidelines to all administrative secretaries regarding the work of CPS.

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