After 58 years, the person reached the library to return the book, fined Rs 42.5 lakh, then this happened…

England Man Return Library Book After 58 Years: Many people delay in returning the books issued in the library. Late return of books is not a new thing. Often in some compulsion, people sit late for 10-15 days or at the most for 1 month, but if someone tells you that a book has been returned to a library after about 58 years, you might not believe it and be surprised. , but it is true.

Recently a person in England has returned a book which was issued in 1964. The incident is of England’s Dudley Library. According to this library, an employee working in the library was surprised when the person came to return a book after 58 years. He had to return this book in 1964.

76 year old man reached to return the book

According to the report published in Britain’s Metro News, David Hickman, age 76, came to return the book after 58 years. As a late penalty, the library recovered about 42,340 pounds i.e. about 42.5 lakh rupees from him. However, later this penalty was returned. David is retired from government job, currently his source of income is pension.

This book was taken after the accident in 1964

Reportedly, in 1964, when Hickman was 17 years old, he "the law for motorists" Took the book. At that time, he was injured after colliding with the car of the city’s mayor councilor WGK Griffiths. Hickman says about that accident, “I was in a Ford car at that time, it was very popular in those days. After the accident, I had borrowed this book from the library to pass the time. After the accident, I was busy in settling legal matters for some time. After this other work kept coming and I kept postponing the plan to return the library book. After that I forgot keeping it in a drawer. Then I went to London, where I forgot the book completely."

When I came to hometown this week, I remembered

When he returned to his hometown this week at the age of 76, he remembered the book again and decided to return it. According to the rules, Hickman was fined £42,340 as a fine of 20 pence per day, but the library decided to waive this penalty after listening to his story.

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