16 twins, seven times triple and four times 4 children were born together

Russia Recorded Number of Children: Russia holds the record for the most number of children born to a woman. This record is in the name of the wife of Feodor Vassilyev, a farmer from Shuya, Russia. Vasiliev’s first wife gave birth to a record number of 69 children. Several contemporary sources exist, indicating that Feodor Vasiliev’s wife was the woman with the most children.

The story of a woman giving birth to so many children seems a bit improbable, but on 27 February 1782 Moscow was informed about it by the monastery of Nikolsk.

69 child born

The wife of Feodor Vasiliev, a farmer from Shuya, Russia, gave birth to 16 pairs of twins, triplets seven times and quadruplets four times. The Gentleman’s Magazine, citing an original letter dated August 13, 1782, reported that Fyodor Vasiliev was 75 years old at the time. 

How many children from first wife?

It happened four times with the first wife that 4 children were born together. There, 7 times 3 children were born together. Apart from this, twins were born 16 times. In all, the first wife of the peasant Fedor Vasiliev was pregnant 27 times and gave birth to a total of 69 children.

4 x 4 = 16
7 x 3 = 21
16 x 2 = 32
27 births, 69 children

How many children from second wife?

The second wife of Russian farmer Fedor Vasiliev gave birth to twins 6 times. Apart from this, she gave birth to three children twice. In all, the second wife became pregnant 8 times and gave birth to 18 children.
6 x 2 = 12
2 x 3 = 6
8 births, 18 children

A total of 87 children were born to two wives

According to the information, a total of 87 children were born from both the wives. Of these, 84 are alive, while three children died. Talking about the record of the most number of children in St. Petersburg Panorama, Bashutsky, 1834, the author noted that on the day of 27 February 1782, a list arrived in Moscow from the Nikolsky Monastery, containing information that one of the children of the Shuya district Feodor Vasiliev, a farmer, married twice and had 87 children. 

Not much is known about the wife of farmer Fedor Vasiliev. Even his name is not known. Although some sources claim that the name of the first wife was Valentina Vasiliev. She is believed to have lived to the age of 76.

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